Martin Kallemeyn opens the body shop in Englewood, IL.


Earl Kallemeyn moves the business to Evergreen Park on Kedzie.


Earl & his son, Scott, open the current Palos Heights location.

We owe all of our Chicago families a special thank-you for trusting us with their cars over the generations – we wouldn’t be here without you!

Did You Know?

Kallemeyns have always been rather inventive...

Grandpa Martin would repair two Model T Fords and then take them to Minnesota to sell. He would chain them together with a railroad tie between the bumpers and drive the front car. He would tie a string to the gas linkage of the rear car, so he could regulate the engine speed when he needed extra power going up hills. He would sell the two cars and hitch a ride back with a farmer who was going to the Chicago market.

“Parts and people to fix cars were scarce during the war,” Scott says, “as everything was going toward the war effort. No new consumer cars were being built and parts were scarce, so keeping your used car running was difficult. This is where Grandpa Martin had begun repairing model T Fords, some with body damage, and others that just needed mechanical work so they would run well again.”